Here at Tax Prep Boston, we are able to sympathize with the student population; we know money is tight and college is expensive because we were once college students too! To show our support of local college students, we are offering our tax preparation and accounting services for a special price!

The winter semester is a long an busy one, which makes it tough for you to receive your tax refund, especially when you go to school far from home! We are here to help you get your tax refund quickly, leaving you one less thing to stress about this semester!

To qualify for this special price, you must present a valid college ID.

How to get started on your tax return:

  1. Contact Tax Prep Boston:
  2. Phone Number: 877-829-7334
  3. Email Address:
  4. We will put you in our client files and ask you a few questions before we get started
  5. Upload tax forms (Student Loan Interest Statements, W-2s, 1098-T)
  6. We will prepare your return as quickly as accurately as possible, and provide you with a direct deposit.

The students are the future leaders of this world, we are just doing our part to make their lives just a little easier!

We are looking forward to working with you during this tax season!


The Tax Prep Boston Team